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Mama Moves!

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Get to Know Us

Art Mama Moves is an underground art movement originally based in South Florida.

Who We Are

Art Mama Moves is a collection of artists, musicians,  bohemians and renegades. Our goal is to provide space for those who desire to share their vision. A space to celebrate the strength and resilience of people who have inspired us politically, musically, visually or simply from a heart of pure love. Join us as we celebrate those who have rocked us and society to the core.

Our Mission

Art Mama Moves hosts live as well as virtual art shows.  Our current focus is the production and promotion of 100 Mondaze, a quarantine friendly, online art show. Artists submit short videos of their work and we list pieces for sale to the public. With an eye on the political and a soul of creation, it is our mission to address the "not so pretty" perspective of artists who operate in a commercial art community. Art for Art's sake is our driving force and we embrace the subversive, the hedonistic flirtation with organized chaos that happens when a diverse collection of artists come together to celebrate each other as well as the people who inspire us. 

What We Do

It is our goal to give space to artists who think outside and around the box. A space to exhibit our work outside the confines of sexual exploitation,  corporate greed or any uninspired commercial aesthetic. Come as you are, no need to modify.

We support this website with funding from commission on work sold. The first obstacle for many artists is the ability to afford submission fees. Do not let that stop you from contacting us. We'll work with you.


Money should never hinder expression.

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