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CALL TO ARTISTS: ART MAMA MOVES Name of Venue: Art in Oakland Park Work Media: [SCULPTURE, PAINTS, PRINTS, ETC] Work Size: minimum 6’X6’

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Body Autonomy: The Spectacle

Art Mama Moves is a global collective of artists who seek to create work that inspires conversation, invokes social change, and offers opportunities for nonconformist voices to be heard. We always strive to provide a point of view steeped in empowerment and social consciousness in the interest of all.

In the aftermath of a global pandemic, the need to get back to “business as usual” was thrust upon a still-sensitive populace. Politicians are again free to create mayhem because the average ‘American’ attention span was constricted to fit contemporary work commutes and weekend self-care.

Saturday, November 18 · 8 - 11pm EST

ART IN OAKLAND PARK 3478 Northeast 12th Terrace Oakland Park, FL 33334

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